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      Cellular Shades

      Also known as "Honeycomb Shades", cellular shades are the most energy efficient window products available. The "cell" or "honeycomb" traps air creating an insulative barrier during all seasons. These shades are perfect for the sunroom or year round rooms. Cellular and honeycomb shades are available in a variety of colors and opacities - giving you optimal light control. Other mentionable features are the "top-down, bottom-up" feature as well as multiple shades per each window (i.e. sheer with a blackout feature). These shade control options are cordless, cord-loop control, and shade motorization. These can also be fabricated to operate vertically, a perfect solution for sliding glass doors.

      Solar Shades

      Do you have a beautiful view outside your window that you do not want to cover up? Is the glare of the sun shining in on your computer screen or TV? Solar shades are the perfect solution. These shades will allow you to see out your window but will cut UV rays and will reduce glare. These are very popular for lake homes and golf communities. Take in the view and cut out the glare! Solar shades are perfect for commercial buildings such as restaurants, banks, medical facilities, and more. We carry NFPA fire-rated shades that are GreenGaurd and LEED certified. We offer discounted pricing and full installation on commercial projects. Please see commercial for more information.

      Natural Shades

      Create a distinctive design statement by adding texture to your windows. Unique Interiors offers an innovative natural shade line with the finest natural woven shade products. Control both privacy and light by adding a lining. Other features include a decorative cloth valance, top-down, bottom-up, cord-loop, cordless, and motorization. These are also available in sliding panels, perfect for sliding glass doors!